App Development on Android or iOS

App DevelopmentBoth Google and Apple provide their own software development kits (SDKs) that allow developers to make apps on their highly popular mobile platforms. They’ve taken a lot of steps to make sure that the experience is as straightforward as possible, and this is evident in the fact that there are a multitude of apps available on both platforms. But even with such a high level of success, they continue to work on and improve the development process for the two major mobile platforms, enabling developers to make the best experiences possible. Continue reading

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Advantages of Linux over other OSes

post1Earlier in the year, Canonical released Ubuntu 13.10, the next major release of the Ubuntu operating system. One of the major aspects of Ubuntu is that it’s based on Linux, a free technology behind a number of critical systems today including servers, high-availability systems and even Android devices. As such, it’s difficult to make a direct comparison between Linux and other common operating systems like Windows or Mac OS X. A lot of their respective uses overlap quite a bit but each of them are useful in slightly different ways. Linux, however, has a number of great things going for it, with Android and Ubuntu becoming very prominent forces on the popularity of Linux. Continue reading

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Calling the Comcast Customer Service Number: Awesome or Gruesome?

Being one of the leaders in the industry, Comcast commits to end-to-end support for its subscribers, ensuring that their services are offered with effectiveness and quality. This is the primary reason why the company developed the Comcast customer service number. This speedy mechanism gauges the satisfaction of their subscribers as well. Not only that, it gives the customers the opportunity to direct their grievances, primary needs and assistance requests through a one-stop directory hotline to answer their problems and cater to their concerns.

That said, it is also a must for a company to review the Comcast customer service number and how it fares with its patrons. From this review, they are able to improve the quality of service they provide and elevate the standards of competition in the industry. While Comcast remains to be at the top of their game, they still need to focus on some areas for improvement and continually push for a more satisfying customer experience.

Easy Access
Many customers are delighted with how installation assistance and maintenance requests can be set in just one phone call. Additionally, the average wait time for customer service representatives to respond to a call is one to two minutes. If you’re patient enough, securing your appointment will take you just five minutes or even less total. With a team of energetic and robust professionals, the Comcast hotline is armed for customer calls 24/7.

Several Impolite Service Assistants
When your cable installation just doesn’t meet your expectations, and you call customer service for help but all they can provide you are some cliché recommendations, it can really get on your nerves. But when you have been calm and polite and the customer service assistant just doesn’t give you the right treatment, you have the right to be upset with their service. Sadly, there are an awful lot of support agents out there that just worsen the situation for their subscriber.

Technical Expertise
While there is truth to numerous installation and repair requests, it doesn’t mean the service is bad. Most of the subscribers love the maintenance approach of the company and Comcast’s customer service, unlike hotmail customer service, found here, provides the best team support including their technical gurus, providing effective gateways for instructions to be easily comprehensible by their users.

Their technical support provides brief overview of what needs to be done, which makes it easier for their subscribers to understand how to fix their issues with Comcast by themselves. They have expert technicians and knowledgeable support agents.

Helpful Offers
The good thing about their customer service agents is that they know how they can turn bad experience to a great one! With exciting offers, they are able to help their subscribers acquire the best plan that suits their needs. Most of the time, these agents are very helpful in making sure their clients do not overspend for cable subscription they won’t be able to use. Normally, they will recommend the best deals out there for their customers to receive top class service for a lesser expense.

There is no doubt that Comcast is one of the top cable and internet providers out there. They provide a fast internet connection and clear satellite feed for your cable subscription while maintaining excellent customer service support to fix whatever issues you may encounter. For all your installation and setup, maintenance and repair requests, there’s always a team you can count on to satisfy your experience as a client. On top of that, they have friendly, enthusiastic and smart customer service associates who are pleased to provide the quality service you deserve. For more reviews regarding the Comcast customer service number, check their website.

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The Benefits Your Company can Get from SIP Trunking

SIP trunking has become more popular these days. If you are not familiar of it, SIP means Session Initiation Protocol. It allows the setting up of communication using the internet. Therefore, SIP calls may now be transferred to the PSTN. Thus, there is no need to set up wires to the actual location of the business. Using the internet, SIP trunk can do the entire process with ease. How does it help business owners? This article will cover some of the benefits that you will get out of this new technology.

• SIP trunks remove the following: PRI or Primary Rate Interface and BRI or Basic Rate Interface. This means that telephone costs are lowered. It is also a lot easier to deal with compare to the previous options that you have.

• There is no need for separate connections for voice and data. In fact, it will allow both to be used at the same time. When your company is growing rapidly, this could be of great benefit.

• All calls will be turned into local calls. Thus, you won’t have to pay for long-distance charges. All SIP calls will travel via the internet and it will be transferred to a local PTSN. Thus, if your business has to contact clients or business partners abroad, this will be of great help.

• Costly 800 numbers will no longer be needed with the help of SIP trunking.

• Some companies even provide free on net calls.

• There are also some SIP trunk providers that let you enjoy fixed rates for all types of calls, be it local, national or international.

As you check out more details about this technology, you will realize that it is indeed of great help for your business. If you can find a partner that will let you reduce cost and maximize productivity, then it would be a great choice. Just make sure that you select the right provider.
Otherwise, you would not maximize the benefits provided by this technology. You can start by comparing the options available. For more details about sip trunking, you can visit this site.

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The Important Role of SEO in Your Business’ Success

Many businessmen still downplay the role of web marketing in a company’s success, but this shouldn’t be the case anymore. Everyone should know that to survive in this world, every business needs to employ a solid web marketing strategy. Sure, you might still make a small amount of profit even though you’re not employing a solid web marketing strategy, but why should this be the case when you know that having one will definitely increase your earnings? In this post, I’m going to talk about how certain roofing companies in Toronto are able to gain so many customers simply by using one efficient web marketing strategy. Hopefully, by doing this, I’ll be able to make more of my readers invest in web marketing.

When it comes to roofing Toronto residents want to make sure that they’re doing a great job handling their roofing problems. Considering this, it’s easy to assume that residents of the area would make it a point to actually do their research so that the end up getting help from the best companies. Still, this isn’t the case. Quality of services doesn’t matter as much as SEO now. Companies might be offering the best services, but they still wouldn’t be able to gain a solid customer base if they weren’t using SEO.

What exactly is SEO? SEO stands for search engine optimization, and as you can guess, it involves making the website of a business more favourable in the eyes of Google and other search engines. The truth is that in today’s world, higher rankings get businesses more customers than quality of services does. This is why many mediocre companies have gained more customers than better companies – they all did it through SEO. When residents of Toronto look up keywords like “flat roof repair,” you can expect them to end up doing business with a company that comes up on the first page of the search results.

The best thing about SEO is that it actually is very affordable. Even the smallest of companies can afford SEO. Heck, if you’e feeling it, you can even make it a no-cost endeavour by doing it on your own (I strongly advise against this, though, as doing bad SEO can lead to your website being blocked by Google and other search engines).

Of course, not all SEO experts are created equal. Some SEO experts are actually not good at what they do. And in some cases, they are good, but only at black hat SEO.

When hiring SEO experts, make sure that the ones you’re hiring use white hat SEO. Black hat SEO may yield amazing results, but it just works for the short term. After some time, your site is going to get blocked by Google for relying on it. Although white hat SEO may not produce fast results, it’s better for your business in the long run.

Hopefully, this post of mine proves helpful to all of my readers. Whatever business you operate, whether it’s in the roofing industry or not, you need to make it a point to employ web marketing strategies such as SEO in today’s world. Not doing so could lead to your business getting bankrupt.

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How Technology Changed “Games” and Created “Gaming”

minecraft-wii-uOnce upon a time a game was considered hitting a rock with a stick. Thankfully, “games” evolved. If you grew up in the 80s or the 90s than you were part of the “board game” generation. Yes, there was a sneak peak of the virtual world to come, i.e. Sega Genesis and Nintendo. We also had arcade games like PacMan to let us know that eating virtual “balls” was real good fun! However, most of our “games” were on a board and had very specific limitations. 

Board Games to Virtual Gaming
If you were a girl you probably played Girl Talk, Mall Madness and Dream Phone. If you were a boy you were probably patiently waiting for Sega to up the ante and create some new games for you and your friends to virtually verse one another with. Hey, it was the 90s. It was a simpler time. Arguably, as technology grew, so did the virtual world. It was no longer good enough to play pretend. Youths wanted the virtual experience to seem as “real” as possible. Enter in the “millenial” generation who not only wanted a “real” virtual experience but expected it. They grew up understanding computers and virtual realms as second nature. For those who did not grow up in this virtual sphere, alternative realms and gaming like “minecraft” can be confusing. Weren’t legos good enough? The answer is no! Yes, legos were fun. But, let’s be honest. Building your own “world” far surpasses building a tiny building that resembles more of a box than a building. Virtual gaming has allowed us to do things that physically would take investments and resources the average person doesn’t have. It also allows us to expand our creative minds without the constructs and confines of reality. This freedom is something that older generations could only have dreamed of. And dream they did…

Nostalgia- Overrated!
Of course, there is always a “soft spot” for times gone by. Thinking back to the simple days when it was fun to hit a ball with a stick does bring up some feelings of romanticism; however, being able to use dedicate entire servers to our imaginations is a nice luxury. Minecraft server hosting is a substantial business making it possible for virtual celebrators to build to their hearts content. Click here for more information on minecraft server hosting.

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Businesses Need to Make the Most of SEO

The field of marketing has certainly changed a lot over the past decade. This is because most people are now using the internet. Marketers are now faced with the task of also marketing for web audiences if they don’t want to lose out to their competitors. Many of these marketers are actually now solely focused on web marketing. By doing such work, so many companies, even the smaller ones, are now able to gain a foothold on the internet.

What exactly does web marketing entail? There are actually many ways to do it. For most companies, SEO or search engine optimization is one strategy that works well. How does SEO work? Simply put, SEO is the utilization of the right keywords and the right links in order to increase a website’s value in the eyes of search engines such as Google. By employing the right SEO strategy, companies are able to increase their website’s ranking on search engine results pages. It goes without saying that virtually everyone goes to the first website that they see on search results pages; because of this, it follows that companies need to make it a point to get their website at the top spot.

One of the companies that have made good use of SEO is Banc de Binary. So many new customers from all over the world now trade at Banc de Binary simply because the brokerage’s low-cost SEO strategies have proven to be very effective. Although the company can just rely on its reputation of providing amazing services (e.g. demo account for binary options trading, binary options trading signals, 24/7 broker hotline) to gain new customers, it is actually able to still gain a lot more through binary options trading.

The good news for everyone who operates a business is that SEO doesn’t have to cost a lot; what this means is that even businesses that are actually just one-man operations can greatly benefit from it. Many web marketers/SEO specialists out there are actually more than willing to adjust their fees depending on their client’s financial situation. In addition to this, should a businessman prove to be diligent enough, they can actually just learn how to do SEO and utilize it by themselves. It’s really amazing when you think about it; with SEO, no company has an inherent advantage over another when it comes to web marketing.

Hopefully, this post of mine will get businessmen who are still not employing SEO to look into it. Should they find the subject too complicated or if they simply don’t have time for learning it, they can just hire effective web marketers and SEO specialists to do the job. Finding an effective team of web marketers shouldn’t be that hard. In addition to this, many of these web marketers actually offer their services at a really affordable price. It’s really just a matter of doing research when it comes to making the most of SEO. Through SEO, you can increase the size of your customer base significantly. Should you continue ignoring it, you will end up losing so many potential customers to your competitors.


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Running A Small Business Is Getting More And More Complex As Technology Advances

In the good old days running a small business was relatively simple. You found a product, decided how and where you would market it and then sold the product to your market.

Of course you needed some simple things to help manage the business, like a phone system. But the phone system consisted, usually, of a simple telephone or, in the case of a slightly larger business, a switchboard.

It wasn’t all that difficult to understand how to set up your phone system.

But as the complexities of modern technology increase a simple business requirement, like a business communication system, seems to become more and more complex.

If you’re setting up a small business it is now no longer adequate to have a telephone on the desk. There are all sorts of new technologies to improve on that simple phone system.

There is much to consider when setting up a new business. How will your communications be set up? Would you require videoconferencing for the business? Would you like to make use of modern, cheaper VOIP technology? How many staff will require mobile phones? What type of phones? How will your computer system be set up? What role will your computer system having your communications system? And lots more.

And it’s not just business communications. In the good old days a small business sold a product and collected a cheque or cash in return for the product. Those days are also gone.

Will you require a point of sale (POS) system in place?  If so what type of POS system? How complex should it be? What type of credit card will you be accepting? Will you expect to be using cutting edge payment techniques of the future, for example mobile phone payments? And so it goes on.

There’s no doubt that modern technological advancements have offered a range of improvements in the way we do our business. But there is also no doubt that modern technological advancements have increased the complexity of the technology available to us and many business owners now struggle to understand how modern technology can help their business.

In that case it’s important to turn to an expert. Before you make any decisions for your business about technological solutions to business issues it’s essential to consult someone who can advise you clearly on all of the options available, and how they can help your business. And what they will cost.

One of the first places we turn to when researching some of the modern technological solutions is It’s a good place to start researching all of the possibilities available to any new business.

New technology can be confusing to business people not familiar with it. So make sure you consult an expert before making any decisions about technology in your business.

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Using A Tablet Computer To Build A Website? Is It Even Possible?

If you are a business, you know you need a website. You don’t have a computer but you want to build it on your iPad. Is it possible? Can a website be built completely on your iPad, or do you need to purchase a laptop or desktop computer just to build a website? Don’t run out and buy that computer just yet. Building your website on your iPad is possible and actually very easy to do. There are many iPad apps developed just for the task of building a website.

I personally like to start the process by gathering my thoughts and sketching a rough design of how I want my new website to look. I get an idea of the colors I would like to use and the layout this way. This can be done simply by pen and paper, or you may wish to use an iPad app for sketching your ideas. Visit the app store to find a variety of sketch apps that can be used for this task.

Once you have decided how you want to design your new website I recommend using the very popular Webr app to build your website. Available on iTunes, Webr allows you to quickly and easily build a website without worrying about coding. You simply download the app and follow the easy steps to build your own website from your iPad. Webr is so simple anyone can use it even if you have no knowledge of website design.

Start by downloading the app to your iPad. Add a title to your site. Then add your content. Choose between text pages, blog pages, and even add a photo gallery. When you are happy with the content of your site choose one of the 8 themes provided by Webr to design your site. Themes determine how text, blog posts, and photos will appear on your site. When you are happy with your theme choose the background color and fonts to meet your needs. It really is that simple!

Of course one key component of building a website without an actual PC, would be selecting the right tablet for the job. There are tons of different kinds of tablets available. There are definitely sites out there that look at and compare tablets, and to make the best choice you will definitely want to shop around. You should be looking for a modern day tablet with all the bells and whistles. You certainly don’t want something that will be out of date within the next few months. Building websites, even with a tablet and available apps, still uses quite a bit of computing power. Although we specifically discuss the iPad in this tutorial, any modern day tablet should work to build a website.

I really love the fact that Webr allows you to integrate your social networks straight from the app. Add links to your Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ profiles. You can also add an RSS feed to your site, and those who are more SEO savvy can add metadata as well. Publish your website, and you’re done. Building a website from your iPad couldn’t be any easier.

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Three of the Biggest Technology Trends of 2014

Hold on to the reins of your excitement as you learn about three of the biggest and most sought-after technology trends this 2014! Indeed many businesses and individuals are looking forward to these wonderful developments— some which are coming in trickles already, others still in progress, and yet several awaiting the official launch.

Combining Fashion and Technology with Wearable Gadgets

Just imagine yourself wearing eyeglasses that can detect the amount of pollution in the atmosphere and be adjusted for better clarity of vision. Or picture yourself completing your outfit with a mobile phone incorporated into a necklace pendant! These days, we're already seeing the expansion of watch technology devices in all sorts. What more in the coming months? What futuristic wearable gadgets await us? Let's wait and see.

Bringing Forth the Seemingly Impossible with 3D Printing

These days, even the seemingly impossible has already been made possible. 3D printing, for instance, is predicted to grow by 75% this 2014. With its power to streamline prototyping and skyrocket manufacturing speed, we are in for wonderful surprises in the manufacture of various items in better and uniform quality as well as more affordable prices.

Moving from Touch-Screen to No-Touch Interfaces

If you're enjoying the ease and convenience of the touch-screen interface, you'll probably be even happier with the no-touch devices that are yet to come out. Imagine yourself driving and at the same time being able to answer calls, record data into your digital calendar, and even search in Google— all with the powerful advantage of voice recognition.

Furthermore, there are other gadgets being developed in technology labs today which take into consideration the greatest advancements of sensors and cameras. Even satellite facilities of top technology firms are busy with various works involving these.

Those in Nottingham, for instance, are busily upgrading their buildings and security measures. Each data center or tech lab has hired a skilled locksmith in Nottingham from to ensure that no outside gains access to their files and equipment.

Hence, with all these amazing developments, these colossal technology trends will surely not be out-of-this-world ideas for long.

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Of Trading Firms and Mobile Technologies

Advances in technology have certainly improved the way we live our lives in so many ways. Just over a decade ago, it would have been impossible to imagine that programs (apps) for mobile devices would be critical to the way we conduct our daily lives. Nowadays, almost everyone can’t get through the day without using a mobile app for one purpose or another. Obviously, it remains to be seen how we are going to move forward in the future in terms of technology, but we can reasonably expect that mobile apps will continue to become more and more integral to the way we conduct our daily lives.

One way mobile technologies have changed the way we live our lives is the fact that many of those who do trading are now doing it through their phones. If you check out Banc de Binary news, you will see that people continue to do trading with Banc de Binary despite the global economic crisis. One reason for this happens to be the fact that Banc de Binary’s mobile website enables everyone to make the best trades while on the go. Because of this, the negative aspects of the economy are offset by the benefits doing mobile trading with Banc de Binary brings.

Of course, there’s a reason why of all the binary options brokers out there who offer mobile trading services, most people work with Banc de Binary. This is because Banc de Binary is the only binary options trading platform that actually goes to great lengths to ensure that all its customers have a great mobile trading experience. The problem with most other binary options brokerages is that they don’t care about their mobile websites being clunky. They think that it’s enough to have such a website, that their mobile efforts should end there. This shouldn’t be the case at all.

“In a way, Banc de Binary has revolutionized mobile trading in its own small way. Although they did not contribute any new technologies, Banc de Binary still showed the world that it’s not enough to just have a mobile website. Binary options brokerages need to make sure that their customers’ experience using their mobile websites is of the same quality as their experience using their main website. By doing this, they can expect more and more people to actually trust them when it comes to mobile trading,” Alexa Wu, a technology analyst working for an international magazine, told us.

Hopefully, by talking about Banc de Binary and its use of mobile technologies, I’ll be able to make people understand just why it’s really important for all technologists to continue developing mobile technologies. Although when it comes to technology, nothing is ever set in stone, we can reasonably expect mobile technologies to continue becoming more and more integral parts of our lives. By investing in a mobile trading site that functions really well, trading firms, especially binary options brokerages, can ensure that they won’t lose much of their foothold in the trading industry. It’s really such a small effort; trading firms have no excuse to not exert it.

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Linux-Based Home Automation

Home automationHome automation might sound like an unrealistic, science-fiction dream. As a matter of fact, it is commonplace and fairly uncomplicated to get started, particularly with Linux. Smart control of common, household appliances and utilities starts at the low end with power line modules, relays and plug-and-play RF (radio frequency) that can very easily interface with a home server. A home automation system, at the high end might include home security systems, environment controls, and other add-ons that are important concerns for residential customers.

General Home Automation Targets

The usual home automation targets include light and environment control, such as air conditioning, heating, air filters, etc… This doesn’t require expensive equipment either. For example, I hacked an air filter from to set it up for home automation with a Raspberry Pi. More expensive custom made systems are available and these can also be adapted for control with Linux. The modern versions of the mentioned systems can be activated in accordance with a fixed schedule. They can be programmed to operate in virtually any way you can imagine.

Common security systems, like window/door triggers, lights that respond to motion sensors, surveillance cameras, can also be associated with home automation systems. It is now possible to activate alarms if a break-in is detected, besides calling the police and other usual security responses.

Communication Standards

Behind every home-automation system is a communication standard that is responsible for replaying messages between components. The industry has several standards, some open and some proprietary, some implemented by a number of manufacturers and some controlled by one equipment vendor. The oldest, most common communication standards used power-line signal transmission. However, the modern version of these systems use radio frequency exclusively or a blend of both.

Elementary Linux Applications

Support for any home automation system start with receiving and sending messages through an appropriate standard. Since X10 is the most widely known communication standard, its support is broad. There are a number of X10 control devices available that can be connected to a Linux computer. Heyu is one of the most regularly maintained X10 packages for Linux. The best thing about it is that it supports quite a few generations of X10 devices.

Like any major project, home automation requires a time investment, regardless of how you do it. Linux-based systems are very affordable and offer you an ultimate liberty to customize.

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